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Oil and Gas

Melvin ArdonCommercial Manager

Access to a consistently safe and reliable supply of energy is paramount in our modern society. We understand this need and support you by supplying the most sophisticated, highest quality products.

Our portfolio for the Oil and Gas industry

Our Oil and Gas experts work closely with you to provide a full range product portfolio. Among other services, we develop tailor-made products and customised formulations. Our vast range of products and services will help to increase your competitiveness and performance in the market.

Our product offering includes:

  • Upstream drilling, well service and cementing chemicals
  • Midstream emulsifiers, scavengers, corrosion inhibitors
  • Downstream, specialty amines, MDEA, GasSpec, catalyst sulphiding agent with services, bed support media and molecular sieves
  • Downstream fuel additives

Unparalleled services tailored to your needs

Whatever your request or challenge, we deliver customised solutions. Need some technical advice? Talk to us and we’ll support you. We operate our own research and development centre for the oil and gas industry. This state-of-the-art centre is divided into three study sections:

  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream

Experts at your fingertips

We provide the perfect combination of technical expertise, a broad product portfolio and a worldwide supply chain. Questions on regional or local legislation? Our experts have the answer and can advise you on implementing the Oil and Gas industry’s most stringent environmental and safety requirements.

Why Brenntag Oil and Gas?

Our services range from customised drilling products to helping you reduce your supply-chain costs. Using our global network of suppliers, we source the best raw materials to suit all your business needs.

How can we help you?

Let us help you create winning products for your target markets. Get in touch with our industry experts to discuss what Brenntag can do for your business.