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Cosvivet berry wax

For a silky-soft texture with excellent sensory properties


Rhus verniciflua peel cera, rhus succedanea fruit cera


CosVivet berry wax is obtained from berry skins of Asian sumac trees. This natural wax, also known as Japan wax, contains a high proportion of glycerol esters of C16-18 fatty acid. It is COSMOS approved and certified Halal and Kosher. It is delivered in pastille form.


CosVivet berry wax is a soft wax with a low melting point. It thickens formulations, and gives them a pleasant, malleable texture. The wax itself feels silky and soft. In O / W emulsions, it significantly intensifies texture and sensory properties. It improves the break strength of pen formulations and increases the color transfer of lipsticks. The berry wax is also excellent for mascara and lip-gloss formulations and as an additive in oil gels.

  • Dropping point: 48-54°C

  • 2-8 acid number: 5-35mg KOH / g

  • Color: light yellow

  • Saponification: 180-220mg KOH / g


25kg bag

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Stable for 36 months in original packaging when stored below 30°C and protected against humidity and sunlight.

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