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Energy and Waste

Jean Francois GonzalezBDM
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Companies involved in the production of energy and the treatment of waste need a safe and reliable supply chain to perform a vital service that impacts the entire European region. Brenntag is here to help you every step of the way.

Water Treatment Laboratories

At our water treatment laboratories we undertake product tests and create tailor-made solutions for the effective treatment of water. We make sure that you get a safe, user-friendly product, developed using the latest technology.

Product Groups

We offer a wide range of products for water treatment and anaerobic digestion. We source our products from reputable suppliers and ensure they are fully compliant with industry regulations (REACH and BPR). Our portfolio includes:

  • Flocculants and coagulants
  • pH adjustment
  • Disinfectants
  • Antiscalents
  • Biological / Bacterial treatment
  • Heavy metal removal
  • Antifoam / Defoamers
  • Pre-treatment

Why Brenntag Energy and Waste?

The unique combination of research, logistic and supply services, supported by our core team of expert employees, allows us to deliver the best possible solutions. We listen carefully to your needs and conduct onsite visits and lab tests to offer products specifically tailored to your needs.

How can we help you?

Let us help you create winning products for your target markets. Get in touch with our industry experts to discuss what Brenntag can do for your business.