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Rhodoline DF 60

  • Distillates (petroleum)
  • CAS 57-11-4

RHODOLINE DF60 is mineral oil based defoamer / foam control agent. • Low viscosity liquid, can be used as received or prediluted with water. • Highly compatible with polymer dispersions and paints. • Non Silicone based: minimum surface defects. • Effective in both acid and alkaline systems. • Very good storage stability when kept under standard conditions.

Available in:
  • Drum
  • IBC
Rhodoline DF 60
  • Distillates (petroleum)
  • CAS 57-11-4

Product details of Rhodoline DF 60

Distillates (petroleum)hydrotreated heavy paraffinicWhite mineral oil (petroleum)Stoddard solventAluminium tristearateStearic acid

  • Off-white liquid

CAS number







  • Emulsion Paints
  • Polymer dispersions
  • Water based adhesives and coatings

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