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Bentone SD2

  • Crystalline Silica (Quartz)
  • CAS 14808-60-7
  • Chemical formula SiO2

BENTONE SD-2 rheological additive is an organic derivative of a bentonite clay. It is designed for use in moderate to high polarity systems containing solvents such a ketones, esters, glycol ethers and alcohols, including polar systems with some aromatic solvents. BENTONE-SD 2 is easy to incorporate and can be added dry to the pigment grinding process without requiring the use of a chemical activator or the preparation of a pregel. It may be used for post correction.

Available in:
  • Bag
Bentone SD2
  • Crystalline Silica (Quartz)
  • CAS 14808-60-7
  • Chemical formula SiO2

Product details of Bentone SD2

Crystalline Silica (Quartz)

  • Very light cream, finely divided powder

Chemical formula


CAS number



  • Epoxy systems
  • NC lacquers/inks
  • Paint removers
  • Acid-curing systems
  • Adhesives
  • Anti-corrosion paints
  • Automotive finishes/primers
  • Foundry paints
  • Gravure printing inks
  • Industrial finishes
  • Inorganic zinc-rich coatings
  • Maintenance coatings
  • PU two-pack systems
  • Polyester repair putties
  • Sealants Vinyl paints (high-build)

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